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Wiper problem (relay?)
Hey guys,

I have the windscreen wiper problem, whereby when the wipers are on, they are stuck on one setting (the mid-speed one), and do not park properly. They also stop intermittently. I have read the various threads on here relating to this problem so please excuse me starting yet another, I'm just trying to tackle the issue by process of elimination. I tried cleaning up and spraying some WD40 on the wiper motor and haven't noticed a change, other than occasionally setting 3 (the fastest wiper pace) does work. 

I have read about possibly applying contact cleaner, but I am currently between moves with no fixed abode and all my stuff including the contact cleaner is in storage, though I will buy some more tomorrow if perception is that this might help.

I have listened by the fuse box to hear if the relay clicks, but cannot seem to hear anything when the wipers are on. Does this suggest that it is indeed a relay problem? If so, I would appreciate a layman's terms guide (or link to one) on how to replace this.

Or perhaps it is a fuse issue? Again, if someone could explain to me which fuses we are talking about here I'd be grateful.

Failing all of the above, I guess it's safe to assume that I just need a new wiper motor. These seem to be fairly pricey though so I'm looking for alternatives. Also, I had the wiper motor arm replaced when it disconnected itself on the M5 within the past year.

Thanks as always,
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When i have had issues with wipes playing up on my 306s i tend to just swap the complete wiper motor and linkage over for a decent second hand one and that has cured it. I think the motors can be a bit troublesome on this but it probably doesn't help that the scuttles drains tend to get block up with leaves etc and the motors can get pretty wet.
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As above easiest to replace the motor assy for a good used one. I had to do that on most of my previous 306s, never had a wiper relay fail.

You can open the motor gear casing if you want, chances are the pins will be weak or the track will have worn out. You can try cleaning it and bending the pins but it's usually only a short term fix.
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Ours had a problem where by the wipers would momenterily stop half way but the momentum carried them thru past the "dead" /dicky spot. This was cured by removing the wiper motor complete and opening up the park switch area and cleaning the track/fingers. All good now, but the central locking problem persists.

The car is back home so I can spend time sorting that problem out, defo water related.
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Thanks guys, I'll look into replacing the wiper motor if it's an easy-ish task.
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reasonably straight forward.
bonnet up, remove scuttle trims, and wiper arms.
then just a few Torx holding the motor and idler arms to the bulkhead.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
Hate Housework!
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That's "terminal"......
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