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New guy with a 306 Cabriolet
Hi everyone,

New to the forum and to Peugeot.

Just brought a 306 Cabriolet. The roof doesnt work but i can live with that for now as winter is coming. Im also looking for a few parts too

LCD mileage/trip screen
Little black plastic trim that covers the metal part of the centre handle on the roof.
Owners manual

Also.....hopefully someone can clear this up for me, the rear plastic screen has bad sun damage so it needs a replacement. Ive found a replacement on ebay and it says the originals just "zip" it really that easy as mine looks stitched in.
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Welcome to the forum.

The LCD mileage/trip screen is part of the speedo. I think it may be soldered in so best bet is to replace the entire speedo unless youre handy with a soldering iron. Cully may be the best person to ask.

best to check if yours zips or stitches in. Should be pretty obvious and sounds like youve already found your answer!
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