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I’ve just bought a gti so my other car has to go for room on the drive.

Great engine, hasn’t let me down once.
Has lower mileage injectors in, which have done about 100,000 miles. Pretty much standard. A fair bit of service history; services have been carried out by myself since owning it.

MOT till November, last years had advisory’s on brakes and tyres which have been renewed all round. A new back box a few thousand miles ago.

Could do with track rod ends and tracking doing, there is some wheel wobble on motorway at 70/80 ish.

Will need cam belt doing soon.

Body work is not great. Front n/s wing is dented, see pics, I have a replacement wing that is straight. Just haven’t had chance to swap it over.
A dent on the rear below boot lid. I have replaced the rear bumper due to paint peeling but the front is similar below the rad vent.
It has been keyed previously most of the way round. Most noticeable on the boot lid.
Would benefit from a full respray.

Interior isn’t bad, there is a tear on the side of the drivers seat. Electrics all working.
Has wiring for sub/amp fitted.

Rear wiper has been removed due to a fault.

It has been my daily for the last few years. I wanted to turn this into a bit of a project but all my spare time and money has been going into the xud to get that on the road again.

I love an Astor 3 door and will be sad to see it go. It’s been a great car for me even if it is a bit tatty on the body work.
Would do someone as a cheap daily or project to tune/restore.

Located CH61 Wirral. Pm me for a viewing or any other questions.

[Image: de5026cc9df485d19688fc365b391e6e.jpg]

[Image: 497f835014a037fa8f3259659abfebe2.jpg]

[Image: 57e3f586b9fd035a016bd86bfdd60367.jpg]

[Image: 43c24cb8fde4d1daf3e06f72f11cbc18.jpg]

[Image: a4cda8c78c755b413bcba75c353a4e7b.jpg]

[Image: fddce59254232d950624354647519e4c.jpg]

[Image: 4a2285390d3eadb8c8549783a50375ef.jpg]

[Image: 271ffc862fdae9d5f63ddd250f2beeeb.jpg]

[Image: 76bd1276c9d5c619363cc4a63d8368ed.jpg]

[Image: 3cf3eb7081168d78c173bd9be9fb1319.jpg]
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If i was after a cheap daily i would be all over this. Shame the body work isn't great but it's to be expect with age and mileage. Should easily get what your asking for it. Best of luck with the sale!
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“Sold” on eBay but heard nothing from the buyer yet [emoji849].

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still got it ?
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It’s apparently being picked up Wednesday.
Looking on previous feedback the guy has not collected in the past so time will tell whether he turns up. I’ll update as and when.

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well im intrested to if its not piked up
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Interested in this if it isn't sold.
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Sound will keep you updated

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Is this sold?
Wishes for more power...
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Should be getting picked up today sorry. Will update the topic title as and when.

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Sorry SOLD

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oh well...…..…….im now looking for a partner/berlingo diesel ;
would prefer blue, but like the gold colour as well.
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