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friday and going to work........
fri;  sitting at home on phone,on hold to doctors...xrays went missing in hospital

sat;  NOT fitting breather pipe to 306 (as I don't have it anymore)

sun; NOT washing and hoovering for same reason....looking forward to another week of sitting upright like Frankenstein taking horse painkillers...……..

good news is bus company admitted liability though...
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Friday: work, traffic, usual 3pm batsh!t crazy bs. Oh, and some interest shopping at ECP...

Saturday: Service the new Xsara VTS

Sunday : Continue detailing said VTS....
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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Friday: movie night with wife and friends

Saturday: fix rattle in Fiesta, fix rattle in Mondeo, fix stuff around the house

Sunday: Board game cafe in Notts with wife and friends. NFL in evening
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