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FRI;  off sick; got t-boned by a bus yesterday 2 mins from home on the way to work--head/neck/arms & back are killing me today exactly as hospital said it written off, waiting for insurance company to collect it.

SAT;  mope due to the above

SUN;  nothing...go back to work in an enterprise courtesy car
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bad luck :/

friday - work
saturday - sorting life out
sunday - maybe a car show
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Sorry to hear about your situation daddyfixit...

Fri - Work, grocery shop (joys of adulthood), chill

Sat - Pick kids up, swimming lesson (for my daughter...notme!), convert my MTB to singlespeed

Sun - Undeceided as yet!
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Really sorry to hear the news about the car Daddyfixit. Hope you're less sore now and will consider getting another 306 n remaining part of the club.
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I know it sucks now, but be glad you didn't suffer more serious injuries mate. I hope you're already feeling better.
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