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Young xud enthusiast
Hello all, been looking at Darren's and piggy's videos on YouTube for years now and decided that I'd like to get an xud 306.
Long story short, February this year I was given a phase 2 1.9 d-turbo 306 that has been sat in a field  for a few years after it died while being used as a filed car, after replacing the stop solenoid we still weren't getting fuel to the injectors, we concluded that it had sucked dirt from the bottom of the fuel tank and clogged the pump due to fuel filter being bypassed after a problem with the diesel being boiled when being ragged around fields, after a pull start down a farm track it fired up.
Unfortunately the condition of the car was pretty bad and I decided that repairing the shell wasn't worth it so after a few months of hunting for another car to swap the engine into I bought a phase 1 306 xnd with 200k on the clock. It's a 3 door with an non turbo xud9 in it.
The plan is to use the xnd as my first car for 6 months to a year and then swap the turbo xud into it.

Now I've started work on the xnd to get it through the MOT which is turning out to be fun, I've got a lot of welding to do as both front arches are rotten, the front cross members are rotten, rear arches are rotten into the boot floor, the N/S rear arch has got a massive hole around the seat mount, the O/S front windscreen drain has rotted out into the firewall so I have a massive hole behind my dash and the O/S sill has more holes than a colander due to the rear window seal leaking but other than that it's solid.  Rofl 

So as you can see I have a lot of work to do but as I'm an apprentice mechanic it's good practice.  Itwasntme
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good man, keep the XUD flag flying, you're in the right place Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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Following this thread,

Love the enthusiasm and the XUD TD is definitely a rewarding engine to work on. You've seen the videos of them pulling like trains. Good skills will be learnt here too.

You've got the bonus of about 50 xud fanatics on this site longing for this to be the next big XUD haha
[Image: 22f2b6b2-758b-4c1c-96fb-6fa9c6059b13_zpsf306b56b.jpg]
Thanks given by: Sfin01

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