Ford Mondeo Hatchback 2l petrol 2001 ABS

Ford Mondeo Hatchback 2l petrol 2001 ABS
As above.

The wheel bearings have an internal magnetic ring which is fragile apparently, and the wheel bearing has to be fitted in the correct way, not the wrong way round, which may be the problem the lad is having as the system worked before a front wheel bearing was replaced "proffesionaly" ?!

The car has had a lit abs light for sometime before we got this car.

Recently whilst checking the system with the wheels in the air and rotating, the connections where disconnected for testing and then refitted. The car back on the deck and ready for a test drive, the abs light was out, but cam back on after driving for say 1/4 mile.

Maybe a bad connection but suspect a deeper fault.

The ABS sensor is non magnetic, unlike our beloved pugs.

Does anyone on here know if the abs sensor is a coil, a hall effect device, or maybe have a diode inside it ?

The Haynes book says look for an output of 1 - 2v when the wheel is rotating.

A resistance/continuity  check of the 2 connectors to the sensor show different ohms values dependant in which way the dmm leads are connected to the sensor. The sensor shows no fluctuation of output, any output or continuity when the wheel is rotated above 5mph.

I have a scope and will test again with that just in case a dmm will not show any output. Both front sensors show very similar resistance check values but are from different manufacturers, Delphi and probably bosch as one is made in Germany.

No hope of getting any info from bosch (they can go a f them selves! ) but maybe Delphi will play ball ??

Help anyone.......
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Thanks tom, see shoutbox.

The Haynes manual does state that the wheel bearing on the front are to be fitted with great care and a particular
way, the black seal inside closer to the abs sensor.........from memory.

The rear wheel bearings are a "unit" bolted on to the hub carrier, with what looks like the same sensor, but will be checking on this........

Will be asking Delphi about the sensors, bocsh can go f them selves.
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