Fog light surrounds
Hey up, my zx's fog light surrounds have rusted really badly and are letting the car down a bit, especially when the rust has stained the paint.  Would 306 phase 1 or 205 GTi items fit (can't see any available specifically for the zx), thanks!
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S1 106 are the same (as well as P1 306), its a cibie airport type lamp, also found on other vehicles like old jaaaags, S1 also has a driving lamp lens and reflector.

the 205 uses a square cornered Siem lamp, these wont fit.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Awesome, thanks for.clearing that up, don't suppose you'd have any idea where to find the surrounds or is it likely to be a custom job? There are cibie airports available but they are very expensive
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You could sand them down, rust treat them (deox-c or something) and then paint them?
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