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08 FRIDAY 15:20
Rofl Rofl Rofl

FRIDAY: Pick up New car!
Sat: fight wife to drive new car
sun:get to drive new car
GTI6 Info

Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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friday - work and sailing meeting, getting orders out
saturday - setting up the boat, sailing, meal
sunday - tidying my room. possibly fixing the speedboat. C5ing maybe.
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Friday - Drinks with dad and family then Chinese for his birthday
Saturday - Bleed rallye brakes/ replace rear disc
Sunday - Start prepping the rallye wheel arch for welding
1999 - Black Rallye A/C
2002 - Silver 206 1.4 HDi LX
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(08-06-2018, 02:21 PM)cully Wrote: Rofl Rofl Rofl

FRIDAY: Pick up New car!

Go on, let us in to the secret ...what did you get? Smile
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