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I'm a newbie needing help!
Hello fellow 306 peeps

just joined this lovely club.

I've a 306 cabriolet... but my roof has broken. Two tensioning arms which go into the back of the roof helping to clamp it down to the top of the boot have sheared off and need welding/replacing. Been to many places: one said can weld by taking all canvas off and welding - but worried about weak points and breaking other stuff. Another idea is to replace canvas and weld - but worried mechanism is old/bent and doesn't warrant this. Another idea - whole new roof but can't source. I realise we could get a new car for similar costs too! But she is our love!... so hoping someone here can send me to someone midlands based perhaps who can sort it...?

Well that's my story thus far.
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Welcome to the club. Not many cabriolet owners on here im afraid. I would suspect welding it is the best way. How is the canvas attached? is it something that can easily be taken back to avoid it catching fire or melting?
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THanks Eeyore

It's all glued so is quite big job... (ie have to pull roof 'off' to avoid fire)
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Shame I have just scrapped a bare roof frame, having broke in excess of 30 of these over the last 10 years I only came across 3 like yours.
Looks like a replacement roof is needed.
But I can assure you it's only an hour job with 2 people and only basic tools needed.
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