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How to disable beep?
Hello everyone I am a new forum member, I don't normally post for help but this one is a problem, I have been asked for help on other forum,Frenchfroum, Peugeot forum and Honest John nobody is seem know how to disable the beep to reminder when left the headlight on while open the door because I have hard of hearing and tinnitus which is irritate me the sound painful of beep to my ears Angry . Do any know how to stop or disable this beep? sound is coming from speedo cluster somewhere in the area I do not know if can be take off I am not a car expert. Appreciate for any tips

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cut the sounder off the pcb
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Would it be possible to disconnect the door open sensors? Or something like that?
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Don't leave your lights on?
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(04-06-2018, 07:25 PM)Piggy Wrote: Don't leave your lights on?

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