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AC Delete
Hello all I am going to delete the AC when I change my Cambelt.

I have the manual tensioner and Belt I just need to get the idler wheel. Do I require any additional bolts?

I have read it it recommend to clear the threads with an M8 Tap does anyone have a guide for the swap?
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Firstly, I know you already have a manual tensioner but I believe it is possible to remove the compressor but keep the existing automatic tensioner for the aux belt just need a shorter aux belt. The vast majority of the weight savings are from removing the compressor anyway.

I tell you this because to fit the idler you need to put an M8 bolt in a threaded hole that has been exposed to road crud for the last 20 years (I.e. currently un used). If the engine is still in the car you can't get a tap on it.  The only option is to make your own tap from a short M8 bolt by cutting some slots perpendicular to the threads. It's a very fiddly job n even identifying the bolt hole in the first place is a bit of a pig ...just depends how patient you are!

Anyway, I did manage it but did think afterwards my time could have been better used on other things. I think I used a 20mm or 25mm bolt. Servicebox will tell you the correct size. You can't use the hex bolts from the aux tensioner because you can't get a hex spanner on to them as space is so tight.
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Many thanks for the heads up would you know the size of belt required to just bypass the compressor?
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I don't I'm afraid Dave but someone on here most likely will. TBH I can't think it will need to be much longer than the standard non-AC belt.

Sorry Dave, I might have dreamt up the thing about being able to keep the auto tensioner. Have just had a look back at these pics (downloaded from another site) n the auto tensioner would (I think) be sprung in the wrong direction!  Not sure if you'll come to the same conclusion?

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Many thanks for the information
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