Fitting MBC to T2

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Fitting MBC to T2
HI folks,

Just wanted to check some things. Want to fit a manual boost controller (mumby engineering ball and spring type) to the Dturbo. It has a T2 turbo. Am I right in saying that I can just cut the wastegate actuator pipe in the middle and plumb the MBC in by running hose from the compressor housing end, up to the MBC in the bay then back down to the actuator end? I see a guide on here that talks about re-orienting the metal pipe etc but I take it I could do it without doing this? 

Also, is it easiest to do this by going in from the drivers side arch with the wheel off? Seems alot of hassle to get the engine tilted forward and try accessing from the top. With the wheel off there seemed to be just enough access to do it from under the arch? Want to get as much info as possible as my poor son has to do this for me since my back is pumped and I can no longer lie under the car to do this sort of thing sadly.

Lastly, is 4mm I.D hose the right size?  The MBC tails are for 4mm ID hose certainly.

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Hi Craig, the fitment your surggesting is exactly what I've run on mine for the last 35k without issue, at the moment my mbc is cable tied to the fuel lines on the osf strut tower.
I didn't have the engine in the bay when I installed the mbc the first time but I have replaced the pipes for better quality since by going from the top down the side of the master cylinder, if you've got a tmic I think you'll struggle significantly tho (sorry can't remember a standard setup perfectly at the mo)

if you need any pics etc drop me a line as I've usually got the car on the ramp at least once a week
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