Exhaust places ...

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Exhaust places ...
Went in to get my new full exhaust fitted today. About 30 mins later guy calls me out to see 'a problem'. Can't get the downpipe nuts off he says. They're just spinning. Yeah, that's because they have a bolt head mate. Tried putting a socket on the heads?  Oh.... I didn't realise .. ffs

Then "all done", wee bit of a blow they say, cause theres no gasket. Errr, there should be a mesh gasket.. Ah, didn't send one over. Was blowing like fook. Going back tomorrow to get the gasket added. Plus when it was in on Tuesday to verify the correct exhaust to order, the young lad that drove it in cranked the engine for ages before it started both times. Glow plugs eh? I say to him sarcastically - cue confused look  Itwasntme
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Do you know where all the failed vehicle tech apprentices end up?.....
At exhaust and tyre fitters!
Wishes for more power...
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I needed to sort a blow on the exhaust before an MOT. All it required was some paste between the joins as it was hte standard rubbish pug oem joints.

I rocked up to this chain place in london... first they tell me in broken english i need a full new exhaust because its rusty...
i tell the guy to get someone else to look at it because it doesnt need replacing and it just needs sealing...
the second guy knew what to do... sorted it out and did the work....
got to the till after watching them do the work seeing as they were clearly incompetant....
then... £30!
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