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Heater Matrix Choices
So, first of all I don't know whether to post in XU10 engines or interior on this one.  It's getting close to the time I'm going to tackle the heater matrix.  Ever since I got the car there's been a smell of coolant whenever you run the fan.  It doesn't seem to steam up, I can't feel any damp on the carpet, and it doesn't seem to be losing any coolant.  Sooo, either the matrix was changed & there was a load of coolant residue left behind or someone bunged some sealer through it at some point.  I don't have much history with the car and there's certainly no reference to the matrix ever being done.  For peace of mind, and since the car is off the road anyway, I'm going to get the dash out to see what's going on might as well change the matrix while I'm at it.  (If it has been done a low quality aftermarket one may have been fitted).

When it came to trying to source the right part things started to get quite confusing.  Anyway, I'm going to share some of what I've found out as it seems to be a bit of a minefield.  Hopefully someone can confirm I'm correct in my thinking & add any knowledge they may have.

Searches of eBay often bring up the wrong part, including matrix's which are for LHD rather than RHD vehicles, without making this clear anywhere in the description.  Also, another problem is even reputable aftermarket manufacturers don't seem to list accurate information in their catalogues (....more on that in a bit).   Firstly, here are the Peugeot part numbers that are listed for the Right Hand Drive 16v XSi (and possibly the same for all models?):

Peugeot 6448.80 = Valeo 812006 - (From previous posts on here I assume this fits non-AC models)
Peugeot 6448.C9 = Hella/Behr Hella 8FH 351 312-171 - (Again, from previous posts this seems to be for AC models)

I was looking at getting a Nissens matrix to begin with and using "Peugeot 6448.80" to search on eBay (I'm looking for a non-AC matrix) I got results that included Nissens part numbers 71147 & 71156.  The parts looked different so I checked on the Nissens online catalogue.  If you search using 6448.80 (a part number which is specific to RHD vehicles) it does come up with both 71147 and 71156.  Further digging shows 71147 to be for RHD vehicles and 71156 for LHD vehicles!!  Just to confuse matter further they state the parts are suitable for both AC and non-AC models, which from everything I've read can't be true.

So, to help anyone else searching for one of these, first of all I'd say stick to looking specifically for a Valeo or a Hella part.  (A lot of people have advised fitting an original equipment part anyway because, even though they're relatively expensive, the time taken to replace a matrix means you really only want to have to do it the once).

If you do go for an aftermarket part, at least be aware of the following.  When looking at drawings of the part from the top, if the pipes from the matrix angle to the left they are for a RHD vehicle.  If they angle to the right they are for a LHD vehicle.  It's a start, although it doesn't help confirm for sure if the part is analogous to a Valeo or Hella matrix.



If anyone is looking for a guide for doing the matrix, this is the best one I've found (from   It's a miracle but it even still has all the pics embedded in the thread!!!
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