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1.8 XS exhaust needs change
Hey guys,

Few days ago I had to do some "these and those" under the car and it went out that my exhaust from midbox is corroded as hell and was cause of "raceish" sound  Rofl . There's a necessity of replacing both mid and backbox so I've got some questions for ya.

- What diameter is standard ph3 1.8 exhaust? Is it the same as S16 and GTI-6?
- Does it makes sense to increase the diameter of exhaust in such restrictive engine? If yes, what should I change to make some gains - if it's even possible?
- Do you know any backbox that fits P&P on this model? I hate jiggly-wiggly boxes hitting the chassis and bumper so it would be nice if it had peugeot mounts or was simply adaptable on this model.

Half of exhaust being corroded is a nice chance to redo whole exhaust - just need an advice if it's worth it. It's also important to me to not pay 200 pounds for backbox just because it's "sporty" - I can spent about 80-90 pounds for whole operation, and stock middle and backbox costs about 55 pounds here in Poland. Of course loudness of system is very important - I want it to be just a bit louder than stock because I cruise a lot on a highway and it will f*ck my head through the ear if I mount some cheap, nonsense, tuning sh*t.

Every opinion counts!
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Okay, so I finally solved my problem, bought mid and rear silencer from POLMO, company from Poland at really nice price - both were priced at 75 pounds so not bad Smile
[Image: thumb?id=9132002&lng=pl&m=1]
It's typical size and shape but finally got nice exhaust tip!

[Image: 8e6b20a6ac332b74med.jpg]
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