Noise from HP pump

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Noise from HP pump

I have strange noise from engine bay. Noise is coming from PAS and HP pump area. At first I thought that might be a PAS pump, but noise doesn't change when turning wheel.
Sound changes only when engine speed changes. Noise also won't dissapear after long or short drives.
Also haven't noticed any strange behavior in power delivery.
Should I be worried about replacing it as soon as possible or try to change HP pump as soon as possible.
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you could use a doctors type stethascope, the thing docs check heart rate and chest with, or a long probe placed on suspected unit and the other end to your ear, but remember when eng running that things will be rotating, like pas pump pulley and aux drive belt etc..
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what sort of noise? squeaking, rumbling, grinding etc?

my first guess would be aux belt tensioner.
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Is it a squeeling/buzzing noise?

Probably the HP regulator - I know of a few that do it and have done for years, I wouldn't worry.
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
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I will try to get good sound of it, maybe that will help a bit.

As for now, when it doesn't make my car go slower, I won't bother too much.
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Here is video of this sound alongside all other engine sounds.
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Hmmmn wip the fan off and check the aux belt tensioner.
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Sounds like alternator, that or your cambelt is too tight. Take the aux belt off and see if the noise is gone.
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