Front Wheel Alignment

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Front Wheel Alignment
Been saving the pennies for a while now, and after counting them, had enough to buy a Trackace front wheel alignment kit. 

After doing 2 dummy runs on slanting ground, nose up, both times reading came out as 25' which equates to 2.4mm toe in, which corresponds with the tyre wear!!

"its spot on" was the garages verdict?? robbing buggers.

Will report back with pics when i  re check for real on the local car park as its more level than under he car port. 

Its like a day in January here today.
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I've got a Trackace to, great piece of equipment and it has paid for itself in the first year.

I found my girlfriends car was toeing out instead of in and once I adjust it to what it was meant to be it sorted the dodgy handling out.
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