Clutch or bearing?

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Clutch or bearing?
I have 1999 hdi sedan and judging by the sound when I press clutch, thrust bearing is starting to make sounds
Question 1 - Do I have to change everything or just bearing?
Question 2 - If everything, can I use clutch from ebay (80usd) or get something better?
Question 3 - Can you give me a link to see what clutch cable I should get?
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As its coming apart to do the bearing it would be false eco on not to chuck a new clutch in too, at least you know it's done

Getting stuff off eBay is a lottery bud motor factors is your best bet
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for example this one,
or this

I have heard that I Valeo or LuK are better to get quality item. Only thing is that there is 40 Pounds (50 euros) price difference.

Do I have to bother with self adjusting cable, or I should get standard cable?

And can I still drive with such a bearing? It makes sounds only when clutch is pressed, and I have already driven close to 350 miles like this.

In first post I meant clutch release bearing. If I dont change it in 600 miles mostly highway, do I risk damaging gearbox/engine?
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Spend the extra money and get a LUK clutch kit. Don't even bother wasting your time with the cheap stuff.

When replacing the clutch it's worth doing the fork bushes, shaft seal/sleeve and the drive shaft seals.

It's a lottery weather it causes you any problems, 1 of the worst things that could happen is the bearing break up and then damage the flywheel sensor and stop the car from starting.
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So decision has been made to get everything done in one go, because, I have no idea how long this clutch has been inside.
Probably will be asking for advice after 1 week or so, because, that is the time, when I will be able to do the clutch job.
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One more thing. do i have to change/resurface flywheel, or I can tell that only when clutch is off?
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Best thing is have a looksy when it's all apart but should be fine unless the plate has worn down to nothing. My xsi had 132k on it when I changed the clutch an it was fine. My 6 had 107k an was fine too.
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it would be an idea to make sure that the mating surfaces are spotless before assembly, dont go mad at it, but give it a good wire brushing, and possibly a good brillo pad wont go a miss Smile
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Thing is that car has close to 270k miles, and don't know when was the last time when clutch was changed, but due to lack of my time resources, car is heading to a mechanic, who then will tell what exactly is wrong and after that will see what needs to be done!

Thank you for all help!
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