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Push Vs Pull Clutch
What are the advantages of converting the HDi gearbox/clutch then?

I've acquired a taller FD/output shaft which I plan on shoving into an HDi box. Whilst at it, I was considering this clutch conversion too seeing as I've all the bits in one of my garages. 

But, why? Better selection of clutches for Stage 2? Easier clutch pedal?

Someone tell me!
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Torque holding is the only advantage of the pull type that I'm aware of. Clutch pedal will be light and smooth with either clutch if you use new cable and fork bushes when changing it.
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I converted to pull clutch, higher clamping force, lighter flywheel (by 4kg) and got rid of my auto adjuster. The clutch is light as.

Also more options for uprated clutches when you use a 6 flywheel
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this on the HDi?
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