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Wanted: phase 3 foglight protectors
Anyone got a pair to part with
TD04 11mm Sedan, now 2.1 vnt

Sedan Project

Provence Dturbo Dead
Blaze 1.6 Dead
China 5dr '6 Death by cambelt failure
Matt White HDI estate Death by wiring
Sedan Dturbo aka triggers broom
Diablo estate Dturbo Living dead
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have you considered making your own from thin Lexan? Just a thought.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
Hate Housework!
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Pretty sure I have some brand new ones in my shed... What were you looking to spend? as hadn't really planned to sell
I know at one point I had Phase 1 gti/dturbo spec ones for sports bumpers, those smaller rectangular ones for non sport bumpers and Phase 3 round ones and I don't recall selling any of them...
[Image: New%20GTi6%20Filmstrip%20sig2_zpsu8ocrldg.jpg]
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