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fault code readers
Pug 306 2 litre hdi turbo diesel estate LX 1999/2000

What class of obd is this car please??

Has anyone got a Clarke CEOBDPRO EOBD/OBDII ( product code 010911130 machine mart ) reader and is it any good on the 306 hdi diesel ??

All help greatly appreciated on this one.....
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if it's anything like mine, probably ISO-9141.
I use a memoscan U480. good for the generic codes like P0220 (TPS) or MAF etc.
at about £30-40 (ebay) it paid for itself in no time.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
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I bought the cheap Clarke one ( ) and it didn't work on the HDi, the Golf TDI, the 1.8 Avensis or anything else lol. Whether the more expensive one is better I couldn't say. I paid a bit more and bought the Laser 5091 instead, certainly didn't pay as much as MM as have it listed at now though!

So far it's only failed to read one car (2004 Astra iirc) so well worth the ~£100 I paid for it 3 years ago. Smile

HDi's aren't fully OBD2 compatible, but you can clear EMLs, read some live data and read a lot of faults from'll almost certainly get a coolant heater plug fault lol.
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