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306 Estate GTi6
Like I said in the newbies section I am building a 306 Estate GTi6 with some added modern twists. I'll try to outline what I have done with/to the car up 'till now. Warning: this is going to be picture heavy!

The 'baseline'.

A 306 Estate XT 1.6 in pretty decent condition, with a crooked eye.

[Image: Foto-LYEDG8XJ-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-PHV4ZTIH-D.jpg]

First blood: interior upgrade.

I managed to find some nice full electric Citroen Xantia Activa V6 seats. This seemed like a nice upgrade over the standard seats which are not really to my liking.

This meant adapting a part of the body loom to provide the seats with some juice. Can you spot the addition? I was pretty happy with the result.

[Image: Foto-WGXL7ZDA-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-VP6TG4KZ-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-GAH6F6PC-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-C4SHOCWF-D.jpg]

On a roll: fixing the front end.

As you could see on the first picture in this thread the drivers side (yup) fog-light was rusted. And the headlights were not in the condition I liked them to be in. I also cleaned the front bumper and added a GTi6 lip.

[Image: Foto-AOIFKAUY-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-87UMP4RC-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-GTWWXN4I-D.jpg]

Tinted rear windows.

[Image: Foto-EUDPQK47-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-ZQBDN68V-D.jpg]

Small audio upgrade.

Added a nice Pioneer HU and some new Pioneer speakers. Also put a 1 TB HDD in the f*cking small glove compartment which contains all my music.

[Image: Foto-UECKNLJA-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-3EX3ON7Q-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-QUY4VTMT-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-6ZRS8SOH-D.jpg]

Look at dem wheelzzz.

The largest exterior modification I had planned, adding some 17" Challengers fitted with 205/40/17 Sportmaxx SP's. Still not sure if I should keep these or just add some C5 'steelies'.

[Image: Foto-FDVSK8WA-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-L8DWUVIB-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-JRGRYKFW-D.jpg]
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Really looking forward to more updates with this!
Did you find new fog lights or clean the old ones up? One of mine is similar to yours at the moment
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Electric stuff.

I am an embedded software engineer by trade, with an interest in electronics so did some modifications on that front as well.

First I modified the original radio-stalk to directly control the Pioneer HU without a stupid interface.

[Image: Foto-QVSRRNXO-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-TJGV6T8N-D.jpg]

Next I added a 1.8" TFT screen filling the void in the dash where normally the indicator for the automatic box would be controlled by a microcontroller. It displays things like: speed, rpm, current gear, distance and time driven (three trip computers), instant and total fuel consumption, distance to tank empty, parking sensor info, sequential shift-light. The feature set is still in flux, I add things when I have some spare time.

[Image: Foto-CG8GFERU-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-ZT88KK6J-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-6PZFTVMM-D.jpg]

Added a C5 auto-dimming mirror.

[Image: Foto-DVVYPRSK-D.jpg]

Refurbished the rear wiper motor and added a VW '99' relais as to control the interval.

[Image: Foto-TLXPDXG6-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-P4E7QCF7-D.jpg]

Preparation for GTi6 transplant.

First off I wanted to fix the front suspension. Adding Bilstein's with Eibach springs. Refurbing the wishbones.

[Image: Foto-GXQ8WC4M-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-G8YDRCWB-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-WTWNHH74-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-VKDJHPFE-D.jpg]

Getting there.

Now it was time to rebuild the 6 engine and start fitting that.

Last look at the old lump:

[Image: Foto-FPMRP8W7-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-ISMQWP4Q-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-ILDWVGGR-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-OEC3EKK6-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-FQZJFBOH-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-3CHEM7ER-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-DSXFJLTO-D.jpg]

And that's the current status for now. More will follow as we progress.

@MY95: I bought new fog's and new headlights. It was beyond saving. The previous owner had ripped out the plug, which in turn broke the seal letting water leak inside.
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This is awesome!
Were the seats direct fit? And did the screen in the dials come as a kit or did you build that from scratch?
Team Eaton

1999 China Blue 306 GTi6 - Eaton Supercharged - 214.5bhp 181lbft
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My god this is epic. Can you do a guide and share the code and parts needed for the trip computer. I thought of doing this at uni when i was doing an embedded systems module but never got round to it. Great to see you have done it. Im sure people would like to see a guide on how to connect the stalk directly to their head unit too. Great work!

Does the HDD require power? or does it run straight on the radio USB?
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Im really loving this as well. Not the gti6 engine as much but the electrical side of things. My god. HERO!
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Thanks guys, really appreciate my work getting some credit Wink.

@Niall: mechanically the seats are a direct fit. But I still have to move up the motors on the bottom since driver side is fouling the crossmember a bit. Which makes front to rear adjustment a bitch. The screen in the dials I built from scratch.

@Eeyore: I can do a guide about the trip computer, the code can be found on my GitHub account teensy-dash. Also I can translate the guide I did for the stalk from the Dutch forum. The HDD is powered from the radio USB directly it can provide 1 amp of juice.

@bashbarnard: diesels are way to expensive in the Netherlands for the miles I drive. So to have some go I thought the GTi6 engine would be a good alternative.

Maybe a bit more info about the dash.

Of course it is centered around the 1.8" display in the 306 dash. That display is driven by a Teensy 3.1 microcontroller, an ARM based beast with lot's of IO and memory. It couples directly to the RPM and wheel speed signals in the dash. So for RPM/Speed/Shift-light/Gear/Trip computer no external mods to the car, besides the dash, are necessary. For fuel it taps into an injector ground. The rear parking sensors I reverse engineered the protocol and also requires two wires running to the Teensy.

Plans for the future are:

- Oil temp/Oil pressure
- Tire pressure and temperature support
- High/low alarms

Here is a picture of the parts used (most of it at least). And adding it in the dash.

[Image: Foto-6LVQS68M-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-KCRJQBHJ-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-IUP4UBOR-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-HRWFRYI7-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-WOQAHW4O-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-TINX37TY-D.jpg]

Some YouTube vids:
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oh man that is so cool.
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This is a great looking project with some real trick bits in it, loving it all, seats look sweet too Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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Really interesting project. Will be looking at this closely.
This post is an artistic work of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted above as fact.

62k Diablo Phase 1 Gti-6:
Project Thread
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I love the seats!!! Excellent work. I'll keep an eye on this.
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Looks like it's going to be an interesting build. I have to say that display you made is wonderful, I really miss the trip computer in mine.
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If anyone wants to build their own, the schematics at the GitHub page are a bit out of date. There is no clear description on the signal conditioning of RPM and wheel speed. I'll try my best to update that part soon. I am always available for questions and guidance, also very open to feature requests.

In the meantime I am busy with the headlights. I want to retrofit xenon projectors. While having the headlight open I noticed that my NeoPixel ring fitted perfectly behind the indicator lens.

Also de-rusted and painted the original air-box.

[Image: Foto-6GOGKPAB-D.jpg]
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Crackin work so far!
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This is looking to be an incredable project! I love the computer! And those seats look dead comfy. The attention to detail is insane, even that airbox looks good!
[Image: 20A1806D-891D-40FB-BD52-AD519177A607-734...391753.jpg]
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Usually dis-like the gti-6 estate projects but im feeling converted by this! Bloody awesome build [THUMBS UP SIGN]
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Made some progress again.

Got the subframe on. Installed new driveshafts and seals.

[Image: Foto-M4LFDKUF-D.jpg]

Completely new exhaust front to rear.

[Image: Foto-GHVAQRK7-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-TJQJ3B3V-D.jpg]

Reverse lock-out cable installed for the 6-speed.

[Image: Foto-83TGJBMR-D.jpg]

Too bad my knob is broken Wink, so I need a new one.

[Image: Foto-7DSJRVP6-D.jpg]

We're getting there. Next saturday going to rob some missing parts of a to be wrecked GTi. So not much progress up 'till then.
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Project threads generally bore me lol, but this is awesome! Dare I ask how much it's cost so far? Would've cost a fair bit over here so just wondering how it compares. Smile
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Brill work!
Wishes for more power...
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The headlights and dash are awesome mate
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I think total cost is going to be between 6000 and 8000 euro when done. But then I could reset the mileage to 0 because almost everything is new of refurbed. That includes everything including engine, rear-axle, trip-computer... etc. Everything you see here basically.

This was made possible by the generous buy-off for my lease-car of my new employee Smile. Otherwise I would have thought twice of doing this.
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I see, not cheap then, but as you say will be basically a new car time you're done! Smile
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Yeah indeed, not cheap but worth it I hope Smile. My 205 is a bigger money burner.
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Im in love Heart Inlove , very awesome build ronj Wink i wanna see more Big Grin

p.s nice pyjamas Wink
[Image: 9fa12c59-0c3d-4413-968d-6a7840ff068f.jpg]
Stage 1 HDi DTurbo Diablo 5dr, "Dee-Dee"
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205 pics Smile
Vehicle repair and servicing in the midlands pm for details 

Current cars
Subaru Impreza 2.0d - Daily
306 1.8 - track whore soon to be GTI6
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Haha thanks guys! Will do some more pyjama shoots for you lol Wink.

The 205 project can be found here. Multi-year project no end in sight yet: Sub 800 kg above 300 hp is the end-goal.
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Lol more stripes and fur please ha-ha

Il have a read of ur 205 project later, tapacrap does my head in, sounds interesting though being light and powerful Big Grin
[Image: 9fa12c59-0c3d-4413-968d-6a7840ff068f.jpg]
Stage 1 HDi DTurbo Diablo 5dr, "Dee-Dee"
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nice use of the Teensy Wink

would be interested in a guide and code for the gear indicator and shift light?
the guide would have to be a fairly comprehensive as i dont do code but can solder well Wink
GTI6 Info

Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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Wow this is some very skilled and impressive work!
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Let me think a bit about how I want to approach getting people to build their own teensy-dash kits. I'll get back to you on that Cully. By the way your electronic projects are a great inspiration to me!

While waiting for some parts to arrive had to pick up the boring job of refurbing the brakes. Especially getting them to look half-decent was a job that required some elbow grease. Next time I'll send them off to get blasted.

[Image: Foto-44IZSOJU-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-MQLI4AT6-D.jpg]

[Image: Foto-ZYIFRELN-D.jpg]

Slider pins were still in good nick so will reuse them, rubber seal kit is on its way.
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