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Removed an aftermarket wheel and fitted a 4 spoke wheel and airbag all whilst battery was disconnected, chucked battery back on and now air bag light is on constant, not flashing like it does when the clips under seats play up does this mean i need it plugged in to remove the fault?

also after changing from petrol guages back to hdi the abs light is on too anyone care to shed some info on what to look out for as when it was on petrol dials there was no abs light present saying that the air bag light wasnt on either hmmmmmm
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Speak to Cully, he may still have the resistors for sale that remove the airbag light, but leave it working for MOT time. Wink
[Image: P1060836_zpsz3xgxt7q.jpg]
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my dad mots my car Wink
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Take the bulb out then. Tongue
[Image: P1060836_zpsz3xgxt7q.jpg]
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Check the old clocks, i bet the bulbs are missing lol. That or the airbag in your new steering wheel is past it.
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