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turbo outlet flange to make custom down pipe
Just a post to see if anybody wants my flange?

I'll be getting another batch made and I wondered how many to get. The flange is 10mm stainless steel and it is designed to fit on to the Garrett GT1546S.
With this you can then weld a custom down pipe and increase the cross section.

I went for 60mm ID which gives an extra 50% flow area compared to the stock 48mm ID.

Price is £25 posted if you want one.

Here's an example of what you can make. Here I used a 2.5 inch CNC'ed V band clamp ready to go to the rest of the system. The pipe is a 90 bend which has been ovalised and then an extra bit attached to it to cover the whole area. I won't be selling the whole down pipe as I'm not great at welding, I am good at CAD work however so feel free to buy the flange.

If you have the borg warner KKK K03 then I can also make up a flange, I just need to get my hands on a turbo down pipe so I can design it. It might even be the same, but that does not seem very likely..?

[Image: 11215882_856422021104577_913857192898507...e=55E9D7AC]
[Image: 11535923_856422017771244_723127773953006...e=561D5A4D]
HDI Tuning Ltd
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Im just making one in 3" stainless atm but your one is for a 206, the 306 one is a much more complex shape unfortunately and that one wont fit
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That's from a berlingo, if it's a gt1546S then the flange will be the same surely, just a different down pipe design?
I've got a k03 from a 306 on the way over too so I'll get one made up for that too.

If yours is a gt15 and you've got it off could you send me a photo of it side on and I'll overlay it in to my CAD model to see how different it is?

Or do you mean where the square corner is missing where I have made the flange curved on the inside? That's intentional, that's the opposite side of the waste gate so not a big change in flow and also makes it much easier to weld a round/oval pipe on there.
HDI Tuning Ltd
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Mine is a k03, the flange will be the same but the down pipe design is very convoluted in comparison to that one. I welded mine before I cut the center out of the plate to minimise warping, have you test fitted it yet to see if your one warped?
I am convinced this is a high restriction area on these and cant wait to try mine out Smile
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Well I did it a bit at a time to minimise warping, and then I put some exhaust sealant in the join when I bolted it on to the turbo so it should seal nicely. Would need to be CNC'd flat afterwards if you wanted to be 100% perfectly flat with no gasket or exhaust sealant in there I suppose.

I've got some stainless hopefully arriving tomorrow, I'm also looking forward to seeing the benefits.
HDI Tuning Ltd
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Ill post up my 3" one when I get around to finishing it off, I will be having about 30cm of 3" and then tapering to 2.5" all the way out to the tailpipe. Given my bigger turbo internals I'm hoping it will make an even more significant difference than on a stage 2 car. Will be dyno testing next month perhaps
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