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Gti calipers
After a set of gti calipers

Close to north west please
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I might be selling mine soon. Depending on my new ones working out.
Pistons, sliders all free although slightly rusty. Will have nearly new discs and yellowstuff pads. They've done about 100 miles and 8x single laps of castle combe
P1 XSi track car
2.4 LWB T4
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Got some here. Painted red (badly)
£45 delivered
[Image: sig.jpg]
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I've got some partially refurbished
Painted fresh silver; heat paint
New sliders and lube for both calipers
Internals cleaned with autosol to a high finish
Needs pistons and seals.
Diablo Hdi Dturbo and 205 1.9 project - it lives!
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Thanks ginge looking for complete ones

Any pics Chris
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Not to hand no but can get some.
[Image: sig.jpg]
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