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FCS Essential info
Thought i would compile all of the useful and essential info into one post to save you guys having to search a few threads for it Wink

Friday camping
Camping opens at 6pm Friday evening. If you are camping, you will have received two bands in your ticket pack. One for the show entrance and one for the camping entrance. You must be wearing the camping band on arrival.
You cannot buy a camping ticket on the gate. If you turn up without a ticket you will be turned away!
Camping is much the same as last year. There will be security on site keeping an eye on everyone making sure everyone is behaving. They are fairly laid back but remember, you are representing the club whilst there so have fun but don't act like a complete tool.
BBQs are allowed at camping providing they are not on a open fire and do not damage the ground. Please keep rubbish in rubbish bags. Last year, my self and a few very helpful members had to clear up our camping area as it looked like a bomb site. Everyone’s big enough and ugly enough to look after them selves so please clear up after your self.
There are toilets and showers at the end of the camping area where you entered the campsite which is top left of the Orange marked area on the map below. I suggest if you want a shower on the Saturday morning, you get up early and do so as there are only a few and as you can imagine, they get busy.


Purple area is camping area, orange area is our stand and the green line is the route you will take in from the M4 to the camping entrance.

Saturday show day
Gates to the actual show ground open at 0730. If you are camping, your access will be from the campsite, from the top right of the orange highlighted area. You need to have your show band on and stand pass on display (see below for stand pass info). Please make your way straight to the stand where we will place you depending on if you are going on track, to the dyno or on the prime position area.

Saturday camping
As you will now already have your band on, you can just go back to the camping area and relax. You can either leave your car on stand or bring it back to the camping area. Personally, I would leave it on the stand as parking is very limited in the camping area and don’t forget, you cannot sleep in your car. They are very strict on this! Same rules apply to camping as they did on Friday. Have fun but don’t be a dick.

Sunday chill day/parade lap
Sunday is mostly about the parade laps. Ours is booked for 0930. The parade lap is not compulsory but I would love to see as many 306s (if many people here own 306s any more Tongue ) as possible out on track. FCS will have professional photographers around the track so you may get some good shots ☺
Before you can go on the parade lap, you must fill out a disclaimer. The disclaimer can be found in the Event Pack booklet that was sent to you with your tickets. If you no longer have this, they can be had from the PFC stand on the Saturday. This MUST be filled out and ready to hand over on the Sunday morning whilst we are in the queue to get on track. We must queue 15 minutes before hand and we queue where people were waiting to get on track on the Saturday (which is right in front of our stand).
After the parade lap, we will be led off the track and then you can go back to the stand.

Other questions
Where is my stand pass?
This year, the stand pass is not custom to the stand as per previous years. The stand pass is on the back of your Event Pack booklet. This needs to be on display when you enter the show area. FCS will release stand numbers just before the show. You need to make a note of this and on entry, the guys on the gate will ask for the number and guide you to the stand.

VIP meals – where do I get them?
If you have bought a VIP pack, you will get two extra tickets to collect your food. This can be collected from the beer tent in the camping area

Will you have club stickers?
Yes! I will have a large stock of club stickers with me so if anyone wants one, please come and find me.


Vehicle entrance pass. Must be on display when you enter the show area


Parade lap disclaimer. This MUST be filled out BEFORE cueing for the lap and must be ready to hand over


The event pack where these two bits can be found. If you do not have one of these, please pick one up from the PFC stand.
Team Eaton

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