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XUD9TE high flow oil pump on XUD7TE
Hi everyone,
I'm Paulius from Lithuania and this is my first topic here. I have a Citroen BX 1.8TD (XUD7TE) and am currently messing with it's motor.

XUD9TE has supposedly regular pressure (6bar), but higher flow oil pump. I am thinking about fitting it to XUD7TE to increase low RPM oil pressure and have nominal pressure at lower RPM.

The XUD9TE pump goes along with 18 teeth sprocket on crankshaft and 48 segments chain while XUD7TE (and other XUD7 and XUD9 motors) uses 26 teeth and 52 segments. I do not yet have XUD9TE pump, but it might fit with the larger sprocket on crankshaft and longer chain.

Any experience with such mod?
Are there any cons of having higher flow pump turning 1.4 times faster than intended?

Thank you for your input!
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I cant see the benefits to be honest

You wont cause too much pressure due to pressure release valve
Wishes for more power...
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I'm not sure the XUD9 has the higher pressure spring, the GTi6 does though.
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The spring makes no difference apart from on initial cold start - the oil pressure isn't up against the regulator any other time - too thin!
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
Nanstone GTD5 GT17S - XUD9TE
Volvo V50 D5 R-Design SE Sport - Daily cruise wagon.
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Thank you for your thoughts.

My XUD7TE already has 6 bar spring (or should have according to part catalog) thus the question is whether having a higher flow pump is a good or bad thing. If it is a good thing, would larger crankshaft sprocket provide any additional benefit?
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Thanks for replies.
I eventually fitted a XUD9TE oil pump. It is a straightforward replacement - only sumps needs to be removed. Pump has much larger internals, but externally is fully compatible. The pressure spring is identical to XUD7TE pump's spring so I suppose it is 6 bar spring.

I'll come back to report oil pressure figures when the motor starts. Hopefully starts Smile
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