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V6 into d turbo
Hi there as says I'm goin down the line of putting the 3.0l v6 into my d turbo with an unlocked ecu can anyway help me on the wiring plz of the v6 engine loom to the car loom so will run any links or anything welcome thanks
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I've heard the wiring its a complete pain in the arse, you using d9 non multiplexed.even then heard peolpe use after market ecu, get more power out of it aswell.few on 6 forum have done it name is adam b.

Few other things I found hope it helps

The mounts you need to do something with the top. Options are make your own, fabricate the 406 one to fit or you can buy alloy ones ready made to do it. The gearbox mount goes straight on and the bottom fork will need slight alteration to fit.

Water system seems best to fit 406 rad and a 205 or similar expansion tank.

Driveshafts again few ways to do it but either way will need to be custom made.
The clutch setup can either be fully converted to hydraulic off the pedal or make a converter so the cable operates the hydraulic system. 

The subframe clearance is an issue as mentioned, usual method seems to be space the subframe down a bit then remove parts of it to get clearance and re strengthen where necessary.

That's pretty much it, wiring in your case will depend on what ecu you are going to run.
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Thanks mate that is helpfull thank u and it's the ecu that comes with the engine was just goin to get it unlocked so engine will run without bsi and key and then it's just the wiring of the two looms together really the other stuff isn't an issue
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