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Meets Section Tips
Hi all, before you post a meet can you start the title with the area in capitals then a colon ie SOUTH: or NORTH EAST: this makes it easier to search and obvious if you just scan over the page.

Also after that can you put a more local location and a date if you know one ie WALES: Cardiff Bay 12/12/12

Again this is just to make it easy for people to attend meets without having to go into a hundred sub sections and read all of every thread.

We will be installing a drop down menu of all the areas ready with the colon for when you post but this is very low on the prioritys.

Already having all the meets on one page seems to be gathering alot of interest with people alot more interested in crossing areas. Hopefully this will continue.

Suggested areas;
Devon & Cornwall, West Country, South, South East, London, East Anglia, East Mids, West Mids, Wales, North East and North West.

Any problems just ask someone. ill go through tomorrow evening and update titles if the OPs havent already
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Just one suggestion mate, I'd have a separate section for Yorkshire, it's a bit big to combine with the north east. Same with Wales, might wanna make that north and south Smile

Edit: just tried to edit my thread title on Tapa and it won't let me so if you haven't done it when I get home I'll sort it mate.

Edit 2: Done at work because 306oc isn't blocked Smile
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Same kinda thing as Liam said tbh, we were talking the other day about doing either North EA and South EA or just Norfolk and Suffolk areas. I get what your saying about the thread titles though, il putting a meet thread up later so il bear this in mind :thumbup:
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It depends how much interest we are going to get when it comes to East and West Mids... I know over on .net there is me and ThroughLou... but half the meets, we just organise together anyway. So maybe just stick the Midlands all together? Smile
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Just to note.

We will be installing a modification, where you can select from a drop down, your region. Which will automatically prefix the thread.
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