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Central locking
Firstly, Hi! New to these forums, having owned a 306 for about 24hrs so far! Picked up a T reg 1.9 LD (phase 3, I belive) to use as a run about and hopefully cut the amount I was spending on petrol!

Looking for some advice on the central locking. The car seems to bit abit patch work when it comes to the locking. Received 2 diffrent keys with the car. One seems to be a hollow shell that used to have fob buttons, this key works the ignition.

The second key is just a key and controls the central locking from only the passenger door. It locks and unlocks all 5 doors, apart from the NS rear which will always unlock, but not always lock :/

Neither of the keys work on the drivers door!

My questions being.. is it possible to pick up a new key fob and programme it to the RF of the central locking? If not, how easy is it to wire in an after market fob to the central locking? And where is it located?

I'm also hoping the ns rear lock is catching on something and will reveal and easy fix, when I get round to investigating!

Any help will be much appreciated!

Cheers, Rory
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Hmm, I would say you've got a door loom problem for a start. Check those out before changing anything else.

The drivers lock - does the key not go into the lock at all? If so, someones probably snapped a key blade in there.
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As for adding new keys to the RCL, on the Phase 3 (RF) system you'll likely find that 2nd hand keys originally from another car won't recode to yours - sometimes it works, but usually it won't.

You will be able to code a 2nd hand key to the immobiliser though so that you can start the engine.

You'll need Peugeot Planet and the security code for the ECU/BSI to code new keys.
1990 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 // 1991 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 16v // 1992 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 // 1999 Peugeot 306 HDi Estate
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Yeah, seen alot of problems with door looms on google, will have a look at ns rear! Any idea where the central locking box is? Google says behind rear driver side seat but no sign. Presuming this isnt for the phase 3?

And yeah, cant fit the key in, just neither of the keys are cut for that lock.. well, the barrell wont turn :/ but of a weird one!

I don't have a problem starting the car, even without a fob. I'm imagining the immobiliser has been disabled or something along that route.
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There is no central locking box as such on the ph3, it's incorporated into the BSi/immobiliser box which is under the dash. Its behind the cig lighter and hazard switch, in that area.

Ah so they key does fit in but then wont turn? That rules out a snapped blade in there then. It might be that the barrel has just seized up from lack of use if the RCL was working fine for several years, or could be that someone broke in and ruined the barrel, so they swapped if another. Or they just changed the door for whatever reason and didn't bother swapping the barrel with the other one.

The 'normal' key still has the immobiliser chip in it. Though if yours has been disabled, don't worry about it being nicked, you can probably run faster than a 1.9D... Big Grin
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Haha. Yeah, it does feel like driving a fully loaded vanSad

So is it possible to fit an after market fob to the phase 3? And where would I be wiring it to?
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Yeah it would be possible, but you'd need someone with more electrical knowledge than me to help with that.
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