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We took the lad to his firms xmas bash ( his citroen was dead, but now lives ! hurray, thank the f for that more like ) and brought him home late saturday night.

About 1 miles from home, pressed the clutch pedal and BANG, the clutch pedal goes to the floor, f"£*&%*****!!!!!!!

The clutch cables gone!

Anyway we get the car home ok and park it at a slant under the car port.

Next day a quick look and yes the clutch cable has gone, or worse.

The clutch cable has been stiff since we got the car so needs a new cable anyway ?

The pedal is free and not stiff, the spring assist is free and not stiff.

The cable was ordered Monday and finally arrived yesterday afternoon.

With the wife's help ( i have trained her well and do exactly as she says ) we managed to  manouver the car into place with the aid of a winch, in the pouring rain, so the front of the car at least is under cover. What the picture doesn't show is the "river" flowing down the garden path and under the car port, the river being behind me.

The under bonnet stuff was removed last night, the easy part. The car will be up in the air this afternoon and the real fun then begins, the pedal area stuff.

I have read the haynes manual and will re read the guide on here.+

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