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Report: 306oc EA Meet - 24/07/16
So today was the 306oc EA meet which started west of ipswich at beacon hill services. Having gone through the Car wash Bates (Sam7057) and myself arrived at the services to find Tom (ZX Volcane) washing the zx. Seconds later John (crossbow) arrived in his dturbo. We spent 30 minutes discussing cars whilst toms306 had issues with the ST and ultimately arrived in the Focus. Several discussions later and a proposition to tune Johns dturbo before realising it was a lucas later we set off on our cross country drive on the B1078 and B1079.

[Image: IMG_20160724_105014_zpsttlwmmfs.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_104848_zpslsqmc8zy.jpg]

Roads were smashed and some hooning was had. Fantasic roads which i drive twice a week for work. Some great straights and some tight bends. Only one tractor was met. Toms306 peeled off to try the fiesta again and John headed home. After hitting the a12 we soon left it after martlesham to take the back roads to felixstowe. Again great roads and bends going through some villages. This time some ups and downs to hoon along.

We arrived at Felixstowe Ferry before noon and parked in the 306 reserved parking i had sorted out. I gave bates and tom a quick tour and i explained boats and that. Spotted one of our work boats on the other side so took the ferry across and acquired the keys for it picking up a couple of bouyancy aids. 306oc afloat! We took the boat from the river out to sea and round to Felixstowe Pier. Waves were pretty big and the boat was maybe slightly quite a lot airbourne. This was all going into the waves and wind which was retty disgusting. Yellow 6m rib with a 2 stroke 90 if anyone is interested. Offered Bates and Tom a drive but they were happy (scared) enough with me driving. Pier inspected we turned back and surfed down the waves. A bit wetter this time but all good. Boat returned and we headed to the cafe.

[Image: IMG_20160724_134515_zpsw2txypjt.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_134646_zpsezleekdz.jpg]

Egg and Bacon baps with chips was the order of the day. We sat outside the cafe and watched jet skiers being told off for being twats. Tom arrived in the focus... again. Food eaten we topped up the water injection in the zx, briefly saw Hungr in his diablo 1.4 and then headed over to the old A14.

The old A14 has been a part of the suffolk based EA meets. Its parallel to the current A14 and goes from single to dual carriage way. Best thing about it... no traffic! Perfect for parking up on the side and getting some pictures and driveby videos. More hooning complete we drove round to Shotley Point. We did make a brief detour to pin mill but we wont mention that as it involved much reversing and much anger from BMW drivers and stuck up tossers.

[Image: IMG_20160724_143231_zpskkr7oulg.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_143242_zpsmwa4djyz.jpg]

We created our own parking row at Shotley point. Tom realised the time and headed off leaving me bates and toms306 to have a few beverages at the pub. More discussions and a few pokemon go gym battles later and Harry Storey turned up in his mental 205. No idea how this thing hasnt got a magasine feature. More 205 discussions commenced and from sitting in the drivers seat it really is very flimsy as it weighs only 700kg with 280hp (almost as much as my rallye). 

[Image: IMG_20160724_153241_zpsk6opczoc.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_153509_zpspomaits4.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_170024_zpszcfby6bq.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160724_165807_zpsscuhngyt.jpg]

Harry joined us for the drive back to the orwell bridge and made many flames and pops. Several overtakes including a mobility scooter which seemed to be randomly driving on the road in the middle of nowhere! The drive back was pretty standard, harry left us to go back home and Toms306 bates and i split off at martlesham and went our separate ways. 

A great day out, rib rides, food, drinks and lots of driving. A great meet and 7 members seen in total! Shame more couldnt make it but thats life and we all had a great time anyway. We discussed possibly having another meet before the year is out so ill see what i can do.

[Image: IMG_20160724_153257_zpsmkmzxou2.jpg]
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