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Who's Still Here Then?
Hi All,

Just curious as to who's still here these days..
Still Living For The 306 of course

Currently building up my ph1 dturbo swapped estate aiming for a fast-road style of build. Like most I'm often still trawling the forum to research modifications for my forged xud build I'm about to start.
You'll find alot more on my socials these days under the user name Justin_306DTurbo

Still Living For The 306  Rofl

306 Ph1 Dturbo Estate
205 1.9 GTI (Rust.In.Pieces)
306 HDI Stage 3 Estate (Rust.In.Pieces)
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Oooh the MILF... Not a great deal of activity on here now sadly, although it is still a hugely valuable resource for the reason you mentioned. I always wonder if forums will have a resurgence (like vinyl lol) but it seems only certain types of folk loathe facebook and other "social" media enough to continue on the old-fashioned way.
I've always preferred the environment of a BB style forum, I think because it takes more of a concerted effort to join than FB groups so you get less idiots joining for the drama/to troll & also just because I can't stand Wastebook and haven't been on there in years. There are still active forums out there, just not as much car based. (The most active ones I've seen are retro bike forums and CB radio ones.)

Not sure how many of the more time served members still get on here, I know Mighty at least gets online when he can but not seen many others. Fingers crossed the info on here doesn't end up lost to time eventually, there's a gold mine of knowledge and advice even just from past posts.
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I still check in occasionally but as above, very little happens here now. It's also been so long since I owned or worked on a 306 that memories are getting hazy and I probably can't offer much technical help with them these days.

Something odd has happened with forums. I'm still on one very active car forum myself but almost all of the old ones I was using 5-10 years ago have gone now. Not a fan of car groups on Facebook but I do browse Instagram regularly.
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i still float around, but mainly on another car forum now, everyone has vanished from here a few years ago looking at it, sadly
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Still lurking, just a shame its so quiet these days. Times move on and cars get old / less popular i guess. Most people arnt interested unless its < 3 years old on finance these days. A great shame, but dont get me started!

Still daily driving the same Astor HDI DT i've had or years and of course still have the DervBus Smile
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Still here, just. Still got the rallye although its SORN and in the garage. Need to get out on a good track day.

There are very few 306s on the road, and how many enthusiast models do we even see now? Unfortunately as a forum dedicated to a single model we are tied to the popularity of the model. If it was an older car maybe we would have a group that was more adverse to facebook, otherwise its far easier for people to quickly ask for answers on a platform theyre already on and familiar with. Unfortunately usually without using the search function first!
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Only logged in because I wsaw my details were saved in the old password manager. Still whipping the rallye even through storm eunice. Hit 137500 miles the other day!
1999 - Black Rallye A/C
2002 - Silver 206 1.4 HDi LX
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(26-02-2022, 12:26 AM)wainwrightj Wrote: Only logged in because I wsaw my details were saved in the old password manager. Still whipping the rallye even through storm eunice. Hit 137500 miles the other day!

Good to hear from you & to know the Rallye is still going strong. That clutch job is clearly holding up!

Have you attended any more car meets with it? Cheers
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I have just returned to NZ from Australia where my car is 1999 sedan 306 td. I had an extended stay because of border closure.
Last year I had to cut the armour plate off the lucas pump and fit a conventional solenoid. Was very lucky it failed at home overnight. The new solenoid arrived not working, but a small twist of the insulator remade the contact and it has been working ever since. Not something I wanted to do, thats where old ones leak from.
I have bought an XSI disc brake rear end to fit sometime, maybe will do a towbar at the same time. Sedans are longer at the back and different to the readily available hatch towbars.
I had to realise driving on very hot days in the Northern Territory that fuel consumption went way down, and in those conditions it may even be cheaper to drive a small petrol car, but maybe they lose efficiency in the heat too.
Apparently in the Vetnam war the first huey helicopters could barely lift off in the heat.
Currently pulling apart 405 td cars, and will keep two 1.9 engines with bosch pumps maybe for a boat.
Information on this forum like the heater bypass opening size will always be useful.
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Pop in here now and again but only really because .net shut down so can't look at any guides ect of there for help
TD04 11mm Sedan, now 2.1 vnt

Sedan Project

Provence Dturbo Dead
Blaze 1.6 Dead
China 5dr '6 Death by cambelt failure
Matt White HDI estate Death by wiring
Sedan Dturbo aka triggers broom
Diablo estate Dturbo Living dead
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