Your first 100 posts
From the moment you sign up to 306oc, you will have access to the forum except for the for sale sections and PM system. This is for the safety of older users in stopping 'one post wonders' signing up just to sell stuff that doesn't exist. Once you reach 100 posts, your account will automatically be upgraded to give you full access to these areas however this may take up to 30 minutes after your 100th post. Please do not expect this to happen immediately and do not post asking why. If it doesn't update after 30 minutes then please get in touch with a member of staff (Can be identified by a Pink or Red user name) Please do not 'spam' your way up to 100 posts just to use these areas. OC is a free resource open to everyone to use but in providing this service to you, we expect you to help the community where you can. Any posts deemed as spam by the staff will be deleted. Any persistent offenders will be warned and eventually banned from the forum if the spam carries on.