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Full Version: N/A head on a Turbo engine=Bad idea or not?
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I got bubbles in my coolant and took of the head on my turbo xud9...had the head tested and its cracked :/ I guess the 22 psi of boost and the massive amounts of fuel eventually took its toll.

Now I can't seem to find any other used head from a turbo engine in my country...all I had found so far are from N/A engines. Can I put one from a N/A engine...everything is the same, valves, seats, camshaft, etc. I am just worried that N/A heads are somewhat weaker internally...
I have a feeling they're all the same. I don't remember anyone mentioning that they were different.

It's probably heat and age, adding lots of fuel creates heat. could have just been a small hot spot.
XUD heads are flat face, the combustion chamber/volume is in the piston, the main difference in the turbo engines is the bottom end.
Thanks. Actually I decided to put on a new head...around here the difference in price wasn't too great.