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Full Version: Read only???? Also head studs question
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First off just wanted to ask, what is the cost-difference between keeping the forum open as read only or keeping it where existing members can still post?

On to what I was wanting to ask, are the preferred stud/nut sets (without spacers) still the XU10J4RS set sold by Pug1off?

If not, what has anyone else building a big-power/high boost XUD found to be the most reliable solution?  

The lad's been enjoying his Bianca XS-DT conversion (165k mile DHY "RODney you plonker" stock long block/T2/Top-mount/Lucas screwed-to-the-moon running about 22psi or 25/27psi at a push) but has also been missing the ridiculous acceleration of the XUD 206 (squareport D8A with 206 GTi180 flywheel/hydro clutch/gearbox, front mount/K14/Bosch 9mm etc) so has decided the solution is to DERV swap the Blaze Yellow Haynes XS as well.  

Before that happens though he's decided to spend some Xmas bonus cash on future-proofing that engine. I think this will entail-: 

  • Replacing the stock rods/bearings with a set of DW10 ones we've had for an eternity, so while it's apart we may as well do some head work to open out the ports a little (hence new HG and best to replace the bolts with studs/nuts now and not after it lifts the head!)
  • NA camshaft if we can find one cheap
  • Homebrew port-matched exhaust manifold to accept 2256V (or TD04 possibly), maybe gearbox mount to keep heat off bulkhead/gear linkages
  • 11mm pump with moar tighter gov-mod
  • replace battered Xantia FMIC and homebrew hard lines with whatever will fit in the space with a cut bumper
  • Possible WMI depending on EGT's

Not sure exactly what else, but as I'm opening the engine I've decided to go mental lol hence the question from this idiot
Hi there. Fooby hosts ther server but have no idea what it costs in time or money. I can't imagine there's any difference between hosting it as read only and just allowing posts from existing members. There's very few of those now anyway.

Sorry, can't help with your XUD question but hopefully someone will be along eventually to answer it