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Full Version: New clutch cable needed
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Hi folks, normally I’d just pop to the pug garage and get one, but I’m in New Zealand these days and that sort of thing is near to impossible here.
My trusty Xud 306 clutch is getting super heavy and all points to the need for a new cable.
I want to order from someone trustworthy in uk,
Is there anyone on here these days that will send it out to me, or perhaps a mate who is perhaps coming out in a weeks time?
Do I need a vin number or are they all the same?
Do you have more details for your car ..year, engine code etc? That should be enough to identify the correct cable part number but if not you'll have to supply VIN. I'll try to look it up for you. I'm guessing you're going to have to order from the UK or somewhere in the EU. I can recommend a few reliable sellers on eBay who may be willing to post overseas.
Pull type clutch cables should all be the same.

In my experience it was usually the clutch itself or the fork bearings that made a clutch heavy though. Changing the cable alone rarely worked.
Was just about to chime in with the same thought myself, it's never been the cable at fault for me it's always been the clutch nearing the end of it's life. They can get so heavy (due to the springs work hardening I believe) that the release bearing eventually pulls out of the pressure plate leaving you having to "float" the gears like in a heavy truck, and start in gear at every light all the way home.