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Full Version: Bosch pump help for newbie
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Hi guys im Ryan

Recently got my self my first d turbo, normally abit of a Jap guy but massive soft spot for these since my uncle used to own a 306 gti6 and 205gti 
Just wondering if , I can get some help with my d turbo with someone helping me find out what pump my car has I know it's tuned and that just not sure on pump as if it don't have a Bosch id like to buy one... 
Leading on to that if down have one, where can I get one from with bracket lines and what ever else is needed.. 

Cheers thanks in advance 
look at the pump, they have branding on them, they also look notably different which you will be able to distinguish very easily by looking on google image search for the appropriate part.
The only 306 1.9td XUD that comes with a factory bosch pump is the very early cars fitted with the D8A Engine 1993-1995. almost all the others with have a Lucas, there are some freak cars out there that had them on later but generally it is only early cars.
the best place to get a Bosch pump is Peugeot Citroen some fiat vans/MPVs with the XUd turbo fitted
Eg. 806, ulysee, synergy, expert, dispatch, sucudo these will also come with the "xantia manifold" they will almost always have a Bosch fitted from factory.
if you don't fancy the scrap yard route i have 3 or 4 Bosch pumps in my shed, send me pm and we can sort something out.

This is my 306 with a 2.1 xud11 swap but the bosch pumps look exactly the same