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Full Version: XUD9 gear stick wont move forwards or back
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So my ph1 Dturbo has been left sitting for a few years, now have the motivation to get it back on the road. The car started no problem but the gear stick will only move side to side not forwards or back, it does move the tiniest bit back but not nearly enough to engage a gear.

After some googling and being under the car i am none the wiser as to what part is causing this, anyone know what part of the mechanism deals with the forwards and back movement? I can see one rod from the passenger footwell which goes in and out when moving the stick left and right, is it meant to also rotate or is there another rod I can't see?
Sooooooo finally got this moving. The thing that done the trick was attempting to loosen the linkage at the bottom of the shifter. This actually gave me a lot of leverage and got it moving again. Everything oiled or greased and moving pretty freely now. Glad to have it able to move under its own power again.
Seems like the solution in the end was a bit of brute force! Glad you got it sorted Smile