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Full Version: The B***dy downpipe nuts
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How do you undo and redo the spring loaded exhaust downpipe nuts from below (car (405 xud9te) on axle stands...single handedly? It seems like you need three hands. I failed and quit today (newbie) as it was all turning from below .
Ive done them on 405s before. Usually use a 10mm spanner on top to hold/wedge then either a longg extenion with socket or ratchet spanner. They are fiddely without a ramp given but doable

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Yeh they are a pain. Holding the pipe up, making a seal and doing the bolts up is the biggest issue. Doesnt help if the bolts arent captive!
trolley jack to support the exhaust in place, then getting the spring and nut, get both nuts started.

with a 6 sided 10mm 1/4 drive socket and about 2 foot of extensions, hand on top holding a spanner on the bolt, do the nuts up, either with a ratchet or a small impact driver.

do them up till the cups seat on the shank, job done.
Halfords T-Bar 1/4" with shallow 10mm socket on top, bunch of extensions, UJ if req'd and a deep 3/8" 10mm socket from below. Long as you're careful, the T-Bar will eventually jam on the exhaust elbow and allow you to do up/undo.

It is a bugger to do, but it's definitely doable. Getting them started again isn't particularly easy, I tend to do it from the top, hold up the cups and springs with the nut in your fingers, once you've got the springs and cups over the bolt, you can get your thumb on top to get the nut on and started, then swap to underneath with the same tools as before.

This makes me laugh, done it many times, nothing to add but yes it's a pain, jamming a socket and ratchet on the top is the way to go, spray some lube on there day before as well, if they're seized it's a whole new world of pain lol
Tried again today, this time on ramps to allow my rather chunky 60 year old frame to wriggle more. baptised the lot with WD40 and actually got one off, but not the one with the steering uj heat shield in the way, my wrists are too thick and although the nut and bolt are loose on the spring the nut appears seized, not enough angle to get a 10mm ring on and a small open ender slips, of course the downpipe hanging off the stud  is really helping...not 
I can hardly see the top of the nut from above...down the back of the TMIC, I was under there for over an hour for one lousy nut!

Are the nuts washers springs cups and bolts standard for all pugs with the XUD9TE? I might have to snap it!
I think there are only about three lengths of bolt accross the full Peugeot/ Citroen/ Renault range with this type of fitting. I think most motor factors can sell you a bag of bolts/ springs/ washers that will cover any combination. I usually get them from Dingbro and it's only a few pounds. Money well spent as it makes it so much easier to put them back together.
You read my mind simonh, just been looking at that option at Clampco stockport...  either EEFK104 or EEFK 105?
Victory is mine, single handedly...lovely scrapes up the right arm sore eye where the ring spanner fell off and hit it...I claim the prize of the most inept, useless diy peugeot 405 botcher in chief...And i used a big hammer on the rear hangers...but its DONE...and so quiet....Feels good (but never again)... Blush
Good job, at least that one's resolved