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Full Version: Citroen zx rev counter
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My rev counter use to jump up and down allthe time, changed the gearbox and clutch this weekend and cleaned the sensor but unfortunately it is completely dead now. anyone got the part number for a replacement or a link to a replacement 

Thanks Smile
Not answering your question but have you considered something aftermarket? Can sometimes be easier than chasing down OEM parts.
The sensor needs to be pretty close to the flywheel to work

To adjust it, push it right against the flywheel, and then back it off just a tiny bit

I'd try this before looking for a replacement, they don't generally wear out unless you've physically damaged it or the wiring harness
Okay I will do Smile
Update cleaned the sensor and the connection by the fuel filter tried it at different distances from the flywheel as close as 0.10mm still dead, anything else I'm missing or is it dead?
Anyone got a link to the part I need or got the item number?
Update again it's randomly started working after I replaced the air filter box due to it being corroded happy days!