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Full Version: Exhaust bend, downpipe into tunnel
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Does anyone know what angle this is? I thought it would be a 45 but when i looked it looks like its a bit steeper than that?
think its 60degrees
60 is what im thinking, i swear i read it somewhere just dont want to buy it for it to be wrong Sad
Im sure thats what I bought...

search around there is a thread somewhere on all the lengths/angles needed to make a system...its what I used.
Around 60 iirc, you can make it right by cutting pipe at slight angle, yes, this is a "bodge" but it really dosnt matter / for a few degrees isnt even noticable. Smile
Some threads say 45 and some say 60 :/ Then some say you need a 60 at the back and others say 45! AAAHHH
I think its 60, will know for sure soon!
[Image: IMG_20131107_122557_zps2f2c548d.jpg]
what elbow have you got off your turbo tom?
2.5" tight radius thing into a flexi.
Oh shit. So it's not a 45 afterall? What a fecking farce. That means my exhaust elbow was doomed from the start! Now I've got to work out 60 degrees which I have no idea how to do (45 degrees is more obvious) and this is why I thought it was 45 degrees:


He didn't have the decency to come back and tell the guy he was wrong! So other people find the thread (using the search function Rolleyes ) and then think it is right and go and do that just to find it's wrong.
Did you ever find out what angle was needed? Was it 60deg?
Yes mate 60 is grand at the bottom of the downpipe Smile