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Full Version: torque settings
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im changing the head on my pug soon and would like to know the head bolt torque settings and any other that may come in handy Smile

love andy
this might help

repping what a legend!
Cully, you f*cking star x
Love to you all :-)
Does anyone know the con rod bolt torque figure?
(26-03-2014, 05:21 PM)SonnyRoby Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know the con rod bolt torque figure?

Facepalm! post two!
Don't facepalm yourself, please. It was the first thing i did. I read that sheet for several times. I know english isn't my native language but seriously i couldn't find the figures for the con rod bolt. Could you please point it out for me?

Thank you.
copy and paste from that document

Other tightening torques

Big end bearings
Renew bolts/nuts
Big end bearings
Stage 1
25 Nm
Big end bearings
Stage 2
50 Nm
Sorry. I was looking for con rod bolt. Not too keen on tehnical english.

Thank you once again.