Rear wheel arch rust

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Rear wheel arch rust
I've been managing to keep one of my 306XSis on the road for the last 4 years or so. Mostly it's been mechanical stuff that's needed sorting. For last year's MOTs it was the front wheel bearings. Did them myself ....what a pig if a job, although learned a few things that would make doing any in the future a lot quicker.
It leaks in the winter though & I never have got to the bottom of it. Sunroof drains are clear & it's not the aeriel either. It's had a replacement windscreen at some point & I suspect that's to blame.
The latest issue has been the rear passenger wheel arch. I noticed some rust staining in the boot & pulled off the trim to find multiple rust patches. This was just before the MoT. It passed though because it wasn't really visible when looking externally. (Hidden behind seam sealer, underguard & dirt).
On further investigation (read a damn good poke around with a screwdriver) it looked pretty horrific. I've got as far as cutting one part of it out & will patch in some new metal at some point this week (weather permitting). Have some doubts about my ability to fix the area of the wheel arch closer to the boot pan though. We'll see.
I've tried to add some pics but had some issues. There seems to have been an update to the site re how it handles images. Will try again after I've downsized them a bit.
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So hopefully, here the images are.





Adding in images does seem to have changed. I had to keep previewing the post between adding each image, otherwise it didn't appear as available to insert in to the post.
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I gave up on this one & it went to the scrap yard at the end of last month. Drove it there & robbed a few bits off it.  Need to go back for a few more ...alternator, some of the electronics & the washer bottle. I expect I'll find more to strip off it as time goes by.
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