Turbo oil leak

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Turbo oil leak
I still need to do some more checks to make sure the turbo oil return pipe to the sump is not blocked, but are parts available such as oil seals etc. to make the turbo oil tight.

Is a DIY repair on a turbo doable, or is it best to send the turbo off to a specialist for repair ?

Euro parts do not list a turbo for our pug, a 2000 2litre hdi phase 3.

Any help greatly appreciated.

The turbo seems to be leaking oil into the air outlet, as streams of engine oil are flowing up to the inlet manifold. Not a river of oil more a trickle, but there should not be any at all.  The cam cover breather is disconnected. The exhaust is smoky and blue in colour if revs held at 2k... you
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Probably best to buy a good used turbo instead of rebuild.

I don't think the seal is serviceable by home mechanic. You can buy new cartridges but I don't think it's worth going that route.
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Would anyone have an exploded view of the turbo, a parts diagram ?
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There were 2 turbos fitted to the HDi90 in the 306, so it could be either a Garrett GT15 or a KKK K03.

You should be able to find refurbished units online, just not ECP/GSF type places.
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Still hunting for a good turbo but notice a repair kit is available, it's a KKK 03 turbo.

A mate has a KKK 04 which uses the same repair kit. His turbo is buggered so we took it apart. Easy job. Not rubber lip seal in this turbo, rind seals used, a bit like piston rings, but, there is an o ring sealing the 2 alloy plates on the compressor side. It is possible that this o ring can deform and pass oil, as can the ring type seal pass oil.

Anyways car going back together to make it drivable.

Will prep for not and submit and take it from there. The plastic air pipe from turbo to manifold was well dirty inside but now clean.

The metal air pipe from the MAF to turbo seems impossible to remove with engine in, so cleaned as best as possible in situ....
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