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Getting problems at 140,000miles
I’ve owned my pug since 2005, done all my own servicing and maintenance. I’m ok with mechanical problems, but when it comes to electricals especially dealing with fault codes, I have to admit I’m shit.
I have a engine hesitancy, but it doesnt stall. It starts well every time. I have found codes P1521 - clutch sensor, Ive ordered new one.
Codes P 0100, 0110, 0101 and 0100, all have gone since I changed maf sensor.
Now the ones I dont know how to deal with are P00C8 Fuel pressure regulator solenoid supply voltage control circuit open.
And P00CC Fuel volume regulator supply voltage control circuit low.
What do they mean ?
Where do I start ?  Huh
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Open circuit means incomplete (a break in) the circuit somewhere. That could be internal to the solenoid itself or the wiring to it. You may be able test either with just a multimeter but you'll need some info on what each pin on the plug if for.

Tbh, the steps for checking the fuel regulator would be similar. You need to determine whether it's the regulator itself or something else in the circuit.

Have you got access to wiring diagrams & other diagnostic info?
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unless you are using peubeot planet or similar ignore the codes, 306 was pre OBD2
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Weren't some of the very late HDi's OBD2 compliant?
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Mighty 306, yes you are correct, I think I’ll have to get a pressure supply regulator to try. Expensive though.
Theres only 2 connections. One is a 12 v supply, the other is a signal voltage from ecu I think. Very awkward to check in situ. Do these codes apply to the same item, namely the regulator on the h p pump ?
I only have a Haynes manual for diagrams.
Welshpug, I got these codes with a friends Verus, cant get live data on rail pressure now.
I changed fuel filter today, seems to have altered her behaviour, doesnt chug anymore, but is definitely overfueling, points to regulator again. Dont know what to look for with multimeter. Thanks
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I don't know enough about the HDi' to help much further I'm afraid. I'm a petrol rather than a derv man.

If your friend has access to something like Autodata then he'll be able to get specific (& useful) wiring diagrams for your model. Critical to further diagnosis I would say. Also, Autodata gives info on how to test components like solenoids. (Usually a resistance test across two or more pins).

Even though you could read codes I'd take them just as a general guide. Direct testing of components & wiring is needed to confirm their accuracy.

With wiring to a solenoid you can often use a 12v bulb &/or test lamp to check that the ECU has control of the circuit & that it can carry the required load. There are lots of guides for such testing on the web.
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Mighty 306, I’ve taken your advice and sought some Autodata books.
I used to have a comprehensive Autodata software on one of my old computers, something happened and lost the lot.
Very handy for timing belts I remember.
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I talked about getting access to a trial online subscription here

You can save all you need from the site as pdf's in that time.
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