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For Sale: disc & ABS rear beam
OK was planning to stash this away for future use but thought I'd offer it here in case anyone's in dire need.  It's a used complete rear beam, disc brakes & I believe it was ABS too but will double check if needed. Came off a 1999 cabriolet with 160k miles that we broke a while back & has been in use on the 5 door until recently, we've now broken up the 5 door and the beam was too good to send over the bridge so kept it.

No guarantees on bearing health other than the car sat well & drove fine with no odd noises etc handling was as good as could be expected from a sunroof 5 door. Brakes worked fine although would benefit from pads at least in near future. Includes complete brake setup, handbrake cables, shocks etc.  Asking £35 if anyone needs one majorly, otherwise will stack it in the garage with the rest of our spares stash.

Cheers, Dan & Emma
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