Peugeot Servicebox

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Peugeot Servicebox
There's been a recent post on the 306gti6 forum suggesting that Servicebox is no longer free.

Just thought I'd let people know there is an alternative. I downloaded this way back from eManuals Online. 
Https:// . Only costs £10 (NB I'm 99% this is the correct file. They have lots of different 306 manuals that can be downloaded but many of them are just pdf's of the Haynes manual).

It turned out to be a copy of Servicebox from something like 2011. It isn't a fully working version as you can't locate vehicles by VIN but you can look everything else up by model. Also, you can't see whether parts are NFP.

There are other downsides. It's a huge file to download & you then have to download software to unpack it. It then takes up around 20Gb.  Also you have to download VMware player as the Servicebox copy runs inside a virtual XP machine on your PC. It is tricky to set up and not all versions of VMware run on all PCs. Also, it interfered with a recent Windows 10 update on my laptop.

For many of you buying this & going through the hassle of getting it up & running won't be worth it.  If you only want the occasional schematic / part number I'll do my best to look it up for you from what I have.
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Have you tried 7zap? Free service catalogues for loads of cars on there!
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Just had a look. That's a pretty good free resource …..but ….if I look up the cooling radiator for the 16V XSi with the XU10J4R it brings up 21 diagrams. I didn't look through them all but I'm pretty certain it isn't just bringing up model-specific diagrams. It wouldn't let me search by VIN, unless I'm doing something wrong? Cheers
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You can search some cars by VIN but it looks like the 306 isn't one of them sadly.

I've been using 7zap for years for Ford parts and others where it works really well - Servicebox was always the best free online system for Peugeots so it's a shame that's no longer available.

It has just gone through a major update though and there are still bugs in it at the moment, we can hope they might improve the Peugeot section in time, but I know that's not helpful right now.
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aww shit the bed man Sad

however this link was on servicebox and it looks interesting
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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I've been using since servicebox had gone down.
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