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HDI Estate
Well ive now owned this same 306 estate for almost 5 years, bought at 180k now touching 201k only been on the road for a year and a half during the time ive owned it, it has a stainless decat pipe and de-A/C among other things.

It has broken down twice, first the alternator then most recently when the cv axle decided to do a dump and since then the car has been off the road and getting a bit of much needed TLC had been sitting for 5-6 month.

Work done so far since being off the road is... new wishbone bushes, tie rod ends, passenger side cv axle.

Next ill be starting to remove the front end and take out the cv axles start removing the engine and tidying it up ready to install the goodies and while the engine is out the way sort out the bodywork and suspension.

Effectively i am looking at freshening up the suspension and bodywork and tuning up to stage 2 then if i achieve what i am looking for ill try and source a bigger turbo and all the good stuffs.
Saw a while ago someone selling 306oc stickers which i love the look ov Tongue ill try and update with some progress asap for anyone who is interested

Heres a pic of the car will add some more soon

[Image: KDYC1JX]

Sorry for bad quality but here you can see the "hockeysticks" are taped up and damage to the lower left of the front bumper
[Image: QbVFxr3]

Thanks for reading my post and hope everyone else good luck with their projects Smile
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Sounds like a good bunch of stuff has been done already. Nice one. Will be good to see it getting overhauled annd used again Big Grin

For some reason I can't see the pictures at the moment though!
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